What is Booth Lead Exchange?

Booth Lead Exchange (BLX) provides an automated platform from which you can increase your leads and bookings while also utilising our extensive Booth Manager Booking System.

How does it work!

You may receive enquiries for dates on which you are simply unavailable. You may be closed due to holiday or be fully booked on that date. For non BLX members, the customer will be notified that you are unavailable, they will go back to their search and use another company.

For BLX members, those same leads will be notified about other BLX members who have services available in the area. The lead that was of no use to you is now potentially converting into a booking for another member. As a member, you are also entitled to be the recipient of these leads from other member websites.

We charge no commission to the recipient of BLX Leads – this is just one of the many benefits included with the Booth Manager booking system.



Users will automatically be directed to your Booth Manager booking system where they can view your packages, prices and profiles with no charge to you.

No Wasting Time

All leads that are sent to your system as fresh live leads following a request only moments ago from the customer. In addition, the Booth Manager system fully automates the booking process, so from receiving your free lead to receiving a booking, you need not be involved at all.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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